Our team/ Наша команда

Our research project has been finished, but many of us continue working on Ukraine, displacement and human rights

•Д-р. Ірина Кузнєцова (Керівник проекту)
•Д-р. Ґюлара Ґулієва (Співдослідниця)
•Д-р. Рілька Драгнєва-Льюерс (Співдослідниця)
•Проф. Оксана Міхеєва (Співдослідниця)
•Д-р. Влад Михненко (Співдослідник)
• Д-р. Вікторія Середа (Співдослідниця)

•«Ізоляція» (партнер проекту)
•«Доброчин» (партнер проекту)

Dr Irina Kuznetsova is a Birmingham Fellow, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the University of Birmingham. She is a sociologist and social geographer. Her research expertise includes migration, religiosity, health, disabilities studies, social policy and accessible cities. Current publications focus focusing on politics of exclusion and migrants’ everyday life. Principal investigator of this project.

Dr Rilka Dragneva-Lewers is a Reader in Law, Development and Regional Integration. She works on regional integration, EU external policy, legal reform and international diffusion of norms with a special reference to Eastern Europe. Her recent publications focus on Eurasian economic integration and its overlaps with EU initiatives in the post-Soviet region. Her expertise in the field has enabled her to engage in interactions with policy-makers and leading think-tanks, law reform technical assistance projects, and professional training activities.

Dr Gulara Guliyeva is a Lecturer, Law School, the University of Birmingham. She has been developing a record of strong research in European Law, including human rights of ethnic minorities. 

Professor Oksana Mikheieva is a Chief of Department of Sociology at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Before 2014 she worked at the Donetsk National University. Her research areas includes history of internal affairs in Ukraine, social integration of internally displaced people from war-torn regions.

Dr Vlad Mykhnenko is  Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development Fellow of St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford. Vlad’s research is dedicated to the advancement of geographical political economy – a study of modern capitalist social formations understood as highly dynamic and innovative, but spatially uneven, variegated, crisis-driven systems.

Dr Victoria Sereda is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.  Her research interests lie at the intersection of urban sociology, sociology of everyday life, memory studies, nationalism and identity studies. Currently she is a fellow of the Ukrainian Research Institute at the Harvard University with a research on national, regional, and local dimensions of Ukrainian historical identities.

Platform for cultural initiatives IZOLYATSIA Kiev. We are going to organise workshops for internally displaced families in Autumn 2017 in Kiev together.

NGO Dobrochyn, Chernigiv. We plan to conduct trainings for internally displaced people in May 2017.