Policy brief on social consequences of population displacement in Ukraine

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THE SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES OF POPULATION DISPLACEMENT IN UKRAINE: THE RISKS OF MARGINALIZATION AND SOCIAL EXCLUSION. Kuznetsova, Irina; Mikheieva, Oksana; Gulyieva, Gulara; Dragneva, Rilka; Mykhnenko, Vlad. Policy brief. 2018

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.121783

This policy brief focuses on the most urgent issues raised by internally displaced people during meetings and interviews: housing, property, healthcare, registration and pensions. The analysis begins by looking at the role of the international community and, the economic impacts of the con ict before accessing issues around housing, health care, pensions and property rights. On the basis of our research, we provide recommendations for international organisations, civil society and the authorities to prevent the marginalisa- tion and social exclusion of internally displaced people.


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