Three Years After Displacement: The Everyday Lives of Ukraine’s IDPs. Preliminary Research Results

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After more than three years of conflict, over 1.5 million internally displaced people are still facing issues with housing, health care, employment and, most importantly, having to return to war-torn territories.

In this progress report, we focus on the most urgent issues internally displaced persons raised during meetings and interviews: housing, health care, registration and pensions. To date 89 interviews, of the expected 115, have been undertaken, providing the preliminary results for discussion here. The full report is expected in March 2018 and will be published on this website, and on our pages hosted by the University of Birmingham, and also will be reflected in papers in academic journals.

Kuznetsova I. (2017) Three Years After Displacement. The Everyday Lives of Ukraine’s IDPs. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

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