Educational rights of internally displaced people in Ukraine

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Читати українською

Project’s co-investigator Gulara Gulyieva gave a paper at a recent IAS workshop ‘The Politics of Education in Societies in Transition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives‘ on 6 July at the University of Birmingham.

This paper assesses the educational rights of IDPs in light of the European Court of Human Right’s jurisprudence on access to education. In particular, the case law on accession criteria (for example, Altinay v Turkey; Ponomaryovi v Bulgaria; Cyprus v Turkey) is examined and applied to the Ukrainian situation to ascertain the extent of State duties to protect educational rights of IDPs.

The national law of Ukraine provides that IDPs have a right to continue their education in other regions of Ukraine. Access to education, however, is often dependent on the IDP’s registered residence, which creates an administrative hurdle and may be unreasonable and discriminatory. Another obstacle in access to education is the refusal of the Ukrainian educational institutions to accept diplomas and certificates issued in the Crimea or other occupied territories.


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