One way ticket or temporary refuge? Refugees from Ukraine in Russia

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Author: Irina Kuznetsova, Principal investigator of this project

Date of publication: 3 March 2017

Language: German

Pages 9-12. Click here to see this publication in PDF

The Russian analyses regularly provides expert assessments of current political, economic, social and cultural developments in Russia. It gives access to scientific research for politicians, business, media and the interested public. Authors are international and local experts.


Russia has provided temporary refuge to thousands of Ukrainian citizens who were fleeing the areas of active armed conflict. Russia did not grant them refugee status, however provided them with special rights. The discourse on provision of aid to Ukrainian refugees ranges from the official rhetoric of the “brotherly nation”, compassion from one part of society, to negative attitudes among migration opponents. The split in the Ukrainian society, and the fear to return home forced a  large number of migrants to remain in Russia,  which raises additional questions in the context of a future policy of reconciliation and stabilization of the situation in the south-east of Ukraine.

Click here to see full publication in PDF

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