Donbas Report: how temporary IDPs from the Donbas live

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Authors: Kateryna Yakovenko, Tetyana Mikhailova, Donbas Studies

Date of publication: 24 March 2015

Language: Ukrainian

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Donbas Studies Research Project, having direct contact with internally displaced persons from the Donbas, distributed questionnaires to find out about the social and psychological adaptation of settlers to new conditions. The chosen method — sociological questionnaires and projective psychological tests, including the Lüscher Colour Test, and a Color Relationships Test. The aim of this research was to highlight social opinion and life of internally displaced persons a year after the start of military aggression and mass disturbances in some cities of Eastern Ukraine, and to research the general social context of human life: professional employment, financial status, involvement in various areas of social relations. The psychological aspect of this research is aimed at the emotional state and personal attitudes of respondents to different aspects of their relationships (family, friends, work, community, state, planet).

IZOLYATSIA’s Donbas Studies Research Project is aimed at fostering and consolidating expert (research/academic) communities on Donbas topics and creating a platform/resource center for comprehensive and constructive discussion on the region’s issues with the involvement of experts in various disciplines and from different regions/countries.

To realize the goals of the project, a DS Library was established, which includes various resources on Donbas, such as research literature, fiction, audio-visual information (audio recordings, documentaries and feature films, photographs, etc.).

In addition, Donbas Studies Research Project initiates academic, sociological and economic research, and public discussions aimed at the in-depth study of the region, as well as open meetings with internally displaced persons who suffered from the Military Actions in Donbas and who left the region at different periods (such as TORMOZOK parties).

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