Donbas. First Line: collection of articles and photos

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Authors: Andriy Vozyanov, Oksana Mikheieva, Ievgeniia Moliar, Andrii Portnov, Kateryna Radchenko, Kareryna Iakovlenko and others. Compiled by Lubava Illyenko.
Date of publication: 2016
Languages: Ukrainian, English

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The collection of publications includes original scientific and journalistic articles, interviews and photographs compiled as part of the Donbas studies project by IZOLYATSIA. The book recapitulates academic achievements of the experts presented within the open events in Kyiv and Mariupol in 2015-2016. The works actualize the cultural,political and social aspects of the region and analyze the current military events that have pushed it to the front lines of the national and global discourses.

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