Research trip to Russia: meetings with refugees and experts

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At the beginning of this year centres for temporarily asylums for Ukrainian refugees in Russia were closed. Authorities and NGOs report on stabilisation of the situation, and increasing number of those who prefer to get a work permit, apply for residency status and feel more integrated.

Irina Kuznetsova, principal investigator under her British Academy project is currently in Russia, interviewing refugees settled there. She has also had a number of meetings, including with experts from UNHCR Moscow.

A lot of people from Eastern Ukraine are now settled in Russia. It is still not clear what makes them stay – favourable conditions or unstable situation in Ukraine. 

Dr Irina Kuznetsova is a Birmingham Fellow, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the University of Birmingham. She is a sociologist and social geographer. Her research expertise includes migration, religiosity, health, disabilities studies, social policy and accessible cities. Current publications focus focusing on politics of exclusion and migrants’ everyday life.

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